Last October, two Georgia men were arrested with an arsenal of weapons–and a detailed plan to attack HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program facility in Gakona, Alaska. They were inspired by widely-circulated internet conspiracy theories suggesting that HAARP can control the weather and our minds.

HAARP was created by the Department of Defense in 1992 to study the outer reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere; the resulting research advanced deep-sea communications with nuclear submarines and the detection of underground military facilities. No man has done more to propagate the conspiratorial view of HAARP than Nick Begich.

Begich was born into an Alaskan political dynasty. His father was a Congressman; his brother a Senator; another brother currently serves in Alaska’s state senate. He’s the author of “Angels Don’t Play This Haarp.”

VICE News met with Begich to explore the HAARP mind-control theories.